Friday, 25 January 2008

XTSeminars at Last!

Well here we are about to launch XTSeminars… XT as in Xtremely Technical. So what’s it all about?

I’ve worked for years in the IT industry, more years than I care to remember. It’s not the years in IT that’s the problem – I valued every moment. It’s just the Years! I started my career as an electronics engineer, as soon as I was introduced to microprocessors it was love at first sight. Well maybe not love, but a true fascination. Imagine a microchip that you could program, input information, process it and then use the results to control solenoids, relays, motors and lights – the possibilities for a geek were endless.

I worked designing real-time systems, not only designing the hardware but also writing the operating systems. The original software was written in assembly language and then a combination of C and assembly code. During that time I was asked to write a course on designing real-time control systems which was to be given in India as part of a UNESCO funded project. This was my first experience of communicating what I knew to others and I must say it was really rewarding and enjoyable.

As an assembler code junky I got involved in writing device drivers for Microsoft Windows, a challenging task with those early “Classic” versions of Windows. Windows NT provided us with a platform for our managements systems and my work started to move from machine control to systems control and then into IT systems. A career that started with chips that controlled machines, to designing IT infrastructures that control and shape the future world. Interesting…

From my first experiences in India, I developed a passion for communicating ideas and skills. Over the years I have taken time out from a busy consulting schedule with Kimberry Associates to write and deliver training courses and seminars. I am proud to say that over the years I have written over 15 technical courses, many of which were for Learning Tree International. I have lost count of the number of presentations and seminars I have written and presented for Microsoft at their prestigious conferences and events throughout the World. Over the last few years I have had the pleasure in presenting with Sally Storey who has brought a new dimension to demos we show at the events.

So why XTSeminars?
XTSeminars has been on the back burner as an idea for many years. The philosophy behind the seminars is to provide hard, precise and pragmatic technical information and solutions based on best practices. Our seminars are designed for IT Professionals who are already skilled up but need to transition to the next level.

I have always been frustrated with technical books that are sold by weight. You know the type, the odd nugget of information buried in so much waffle. With the aid of Sally Storey I wrote my ideal book, Investigating and Managing Objects and Attributes in the Active Directory ISBN 0-9544218-0-9 (available from Our philosophy was to write a book that was terse (no waffle), pertinent, pragmatic and technically accurate. Every page packed with gems of information. From its success and the feedback we received, I think we achieved that aim.

All too often I’ve heard IT Professionals saying they won’t go on a course because of how little they gain and how much time they have to give up. So how do they hone their skills? XTSeminars is the solution.
Our seminars are built with the same philosophy we used for the book - terse (no waffle), pertinent, pragmatic and technically accurate.

I hope to see you attending one of our exciting new seminars.

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